If you have recently bought a pair of Madame Dynamite shoes, you have seen that the bag that we send together with your favourite dance shoes has a completely new look.

Our new shoe bags are designed and sewn by hand in Senegal by artisans who collaborate with the Spanish NGO Cineastas en Acción. We got to know the work carried out by Cineastas en Acción during a trip to Senegal in December 2019, and immediately began to think about how we could support them from here.

And voilà, the opportunity arose to acquire these cool bags made with 100% cotton African wax fabrics and we did not give it any more thought. The fabrics have original and unique prints, and one of their greatest qualities is that despite the washings and exposure to the sun they keep their bright colours for a long time.

The income generated by the sale of the bags is being invested in projects aimed at women and children supported by Cineastas in Acción. You can also buy wax fabric shoe bags on our online store, in the Solidarity Products section, although you should bear in mind that you will not be able to choose the design of the bag. It will be a surprise when you receive it! All the prints are beautiful.