- Your Swing Shoes -

We help you keep your Madame Dynamite as beautiful as the first day. What should you do to keep them in perfect condition?

Let’s start from the beginning. Do you remember the moment you fell in love with your shoes? You were probably attracted by their wonderful colour. You also found original their retro and flattering design. And when already in your hands, you touched their thin leather with your fingers, feeling surprised because, nowadays, it is not usual to find such quality. Confirming their comfort was definitive to want to take them home with you. From that moment on, they had to be honoured as they deserve.

That treasure, which you decided to make yours that day, is made to accompany you for a long time. We will tell you what you can do to maximize their lifetime.

We want them to be part of your life !!!

The 10 keys to keep your swing shoes in the best conditions

1. The first thing you should know is that the material we use to manufacture our Madame Dynamite is intended for occasional and concrete use. It's hard to resist putting them on for a walk or going to work, but keep them away from surfaces that can cause chafing or bumps. The perspiration and health of your feet depends on their condition.

2. Avoid exposure to sun, so they do not suffer variations in colour.

3. New shoes must be used little by little. Although Madame Dynamite are super comfortable, it is a good idea to wear them a couple of hours at home before going out to dance with them, so they start adapting to your feet.

4. Use a shoehorn. It is a good habit that will prevent the shoe heel from becoming deformed.

5. When you take off your shoes, after the dance session, do it by unfastening or untying them (although it seems obvious, it is worth noting) and let them air dry. You will avoid odours, bacteria and mold. You can put paper balls inside to absorb moisture and you will help the shoes keep their shape. If you use a shoe last, you will ensure that they remain perfect.

6. Wipe their surface with a soft cotton cloth before storing them. If you have a pair of ZETA, our men's footwear, you can brush them softly. It is a highly recommended habit. If they are dirty or have stains, you can clean them carefully with a cloth slightly moistened with water and neutral soap. And cotton cords should be washed by hand. If the soles are dirty or there are debris stuck on them, use a soft sandpaper. You can find it in hardware stores. Over time, your shoes will remain even better if you apply some colourless cream from time to time, it is important to moisturize the leather so that it does not crack if you use them a great deal.

7. For scratches use a damp cloth with salt and gently rub the footwear. There are also cleaners specially designed to treat leather in shoe stores.

8. After this essential ritual, you should store them as “treasure” until your next use. It is best to put them in the cloth bag that we gave when you purchased them. It will preserve them from dust and moisture. It is better to store them standing on the sole, not sideways. This other position would be appropriate only if they are wet and you put paper inside or a shoe last.

9. Check the soles of your dance shoes from time to time and take them to the clobber if necessary. She/he is your best ally to preserve your swing shoes superbly.

10. If you are not going to use them for a while, apply some cream before storing them.

Taking care of the swing shoes will extend their lifetime, while you will enjoy them for longer.

If you take care of your Madame Dynamite, they will take care of your feet. Are you ready to enjoy them?