Dear friends,

Today we are sharing some good news! We are pleased to present you Madame Dynamite. Our admired illustrator Mik Baro has given life to our brand's muse and we bring you her story to ease these times of uncertainty and bewilderment with something wonderfully human and musical. 

Born Marlene, the source of inspiration for our brand, she works as a telemarketer in a medium-sized city but has the soul of a dancer, the empowerment of a strong woman and the talent of a jazz band singer.

Elegant and positive, she combines the responsibility of her work and her morning bike rides with nights of dancing and partying that have earned her the nickname of Madame Dynamite.

The curves of swing music and of our brand's shoes are reproduced in her body, which elegantly draws dance movements and brings her style and strength loaded with rhythm anywhere.

Vibrant with positive energy and intense emotions, Marlene is an exponent of the woman of today who stirs up feminine energy at every step she takes and who stomps with pride and joy demolishing barriers of inequality.

Let's get inspired by Madame Dynamite! Let's live life to the fullest with a swing song!

Madame Dynamite