How to keep your swing shoes in the best condition.

1. First, be aware that the material we use to make our Madame Dynamite shoes is designed for occasional and specific use. It's hard to resist wearing them for a stroll or going to work, but keep them away from surfaces that could cause friction or impact. The breathability and health of your feet depend on their condition.

2. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight to prevent color variations.

3. New shoes should be worn gradually. Although Madame Dynamite shoes are super comfortable, it's a good idea to wear them for a couple of hours at home before hitting the dance floor to let them mold to your feet.

4. Use a shoe horn. It's a good habit that will prevent the heel of the shoe from deforming.

5. When taking them off after a dance session, do so by unbuttoning or unlacing them (although it seems obvious, it's worth mentioning), and let them air out. This will prevent odors and the formation of bacteria and mold. You can place paper balls inside to absorb moisture and help the shoe maintain its shape. If you have shoe trees, using them will ensure they stay perfect.

6. Wipe them with a soft cotton cloth to remove dust before storing them. For ZETA, our men's footwear, you can use a soft brush. It's a highly recommended habit. If they get dirty or stained, you can clean them carefully with a slightly damp cloth and neutral soap. Hand wash cotton laces. If the soles are significantly dirty or have stubborn residues, gently rub them with wet sandpaper, which you can find at hardware stores. Over time, your shoes will be better preserved if you apply a little colorless cream occasionally. Hydrating the leather is essential to prevent cracking, especially with frequent use.

7. For scratches, use a damp cloth with salt and rub the shoes gently. There are also cleaners specifically designed for treating leather available at shoe stores.

8. After this essential ritual, store them like gold until their next use. It's best to place them in the cloth bag we provide with your purchase. This will protect them from dust and humidity. It's better to keep them standing on the soles, not on the side. The latter position is only suitable if they are wet, and you insert paper or shoe trees inside.

9. Check the soles of your dance shoes occasionally and take them to the cobbler if needed. This is your best ally to keep your swing shoes in excellent condition.

10. When putting them away for an extended period, apply a bit of cream before storing them.

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