Madame Dynamite Swing shoes are created especially for dancing, but also and why not, for vintage lovers who know how to recognize the quality of the manufacture made with love in every detail.

Designed and made in the Region of Valencia, Spain, Madame Dynamite shoes are made to celebrate life by dancing, or simply enjoy walking around.


Marlene is an intelligent and elegant woman, who is very responsible in her work, where she arrives punctually every day after riding her bike for several kilometers through the cobbled streets of the city. As a woman who loves her independence, she knows her obligations at work, where the endless days as a teleoperator leave her exhausted, but ... every effort has its reward. Every Thursday, and especially every weekend, she goes out to dance or as she says 'to make the feet fly', becoming Madame Dynamite.

Marlene waits impatiently for that moment before leaving the house. Following closely the same steps as in a ritual, she gets ready, while in the background Eddie Condon's band plays in her old pick 'up. She waves her half-length hair, she chooses her flowing dress and the most magical moment occurs when she puts on her dance shoes, those shoes made for dreaming! And she heads to the city’s Swing club where the dancing transports her to another reality that makes her disconnect from her demanding duties and unleash her explosiveness, dancing and filling herself with energy and good vibes. This is how Madame Dynamite is!


We are a multidisciplinary team led by Mayte Ample, Creative Director, whose passion for Swing led her to design shoes with specific characteristics to enjoy dancing. Comfortable, elegant shoes with a retro style, crafted with care with high quality materials that make you want to start dancing as soon as the big bands sound is on, and to enjoy it!

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